Verna Lee


(Retired as of 2023) This girl is a comedian! She is sassy and mouthy, and best of all extremely affectionate. But when it comes to work, she’s all in. She’s our resident tracking dog – we’ve recovered game that would’ve otherwise been lost thanks to her trustworthy nose.

Shady Marie


(Retired as of 2023) Shady is a small but fierce Beagle. She is lovable and sweet when she’s with the family, then in the woods she is a ruthless rabbit hunter. She has an honest mouth and never gives up on a check.



Andi is probably the biggest lovebug out of our whole crew. She wants all of your attention, all of the time. She’s got a big mouth and lots of heart.



Lola is a sweet old girl that is just as happy cuddling as she is playing with our younger girls. She truly has a heart of gold!



Crazee is Daisy’s daughter and is a little spitfire. She’s very energetic and but can be a little shy at first. We have high hopes for her as the future of our breeding program!



Lucy is our little girl out of Verna and Cooper. She is just like her momma, with lots of love and sass to spare. We hope that she will be next in line to carry on her momma’s bloodline.



Nona is our little golden baby. Her mom is Shady and her dad is Cooper. She has a big bossy attitude but all she really wants is to be held and loved. She is an absolute doll.



Penny is our sweet baby out of Andi and Cooper. She is the youngest of our next generation. She is super laid back like her mom and always wants to be in your arms.